Well... that's five!

Hello everyone!

This month marks my 5 years anniversary on PCB, and I still love it to this day!
So around this time, 5 years ago I still didn’t have premium minecraft, therefore I was stuck to minecraft classic. Even though I pirated the beta version shortly after, I still played a lot of classic. The day before I had joined a server that had an amazing city on it, so I figured why not go back the day after. I completely forgot the name though, so I decided to look for “city”. The name of this server stood out for some reason, and I joined. And here I was. Being the noob I was, and well… my English was not so great cough… I managed to get my first ever rank on this server. (Just a side note, in minecraft classic you would earn ranks by building. On PCB you had to rank up from Guest - Initiate - Builder - Adv. Builder - Pro Builder of which adv. Builder could have their own map, and probuilder had access to /kick and tempban.) So after managing to get my first ever rank on a minecraft server, I also managed to get my first ever mute. (Thank you @Kyle8910 :stuck_out_tongue: ) Though, after that I started tp play more often, and enjoyed it more. Eventually I made it to Pro Builder. At this time I was very addicted to the server already, and wanted to get staff. Well, that took ages. But eventually, I was lucky and I got trainee-OP on classic, and eventually made it to OP, and even SOP.

But at the time I was ProBuilder, I also played on the Survival/Creative server, since I had bought minecraft by then. Again, the slow ranking up-person I apparently am, it took ages to get Trusted. In fact, I never really got nominated for Trusted either, I got the rank because I got OP on classic. Me being me, I couldn’t resist the temptation to apply for Mod, but as expected, got denied. Big surprise. And once again, slow ranking up me, took a year to get Mod. But hey, I am here now and still enjoying being staff till the day of today.

During the time I’ve been around I’ve seen many people come and go. And even today, I do miss quite a few people that left the server. And still hope to see some come back sometime. On the other hand, I’ve also met plenty of new people on here, people which have become good friends of mine. And I am really thankful that I have those people in my life now.

It has honestly been an amazing 5 years with all of you, and I am looking forward to 5 more fun years with everyone on here. (Even though I’ll be like 22 then, but hey who cares, The only reason I still play Minecraft anyway is because of this server :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you everyone! You’re all amazing!

congrats on 5 years m8

queue all the elderly people commenting “welcome to the oldies club” or something like that

go play bingo or something, gramps
EDIT: to all those who understand me and Maddy’s definition of bingo, I meant the actual game of bingo that old folks play.


5 years is an amazing amount of time to spend with a community and I’m so glad you decided to spend it with us :smiley: You are a great member of PCB and even though it may take you a while to rank up you definitely deserve it xD (perhaps even worthy of SOP wink wink *nudge nudge)


Brb omw to buy condoms.

Thank you haha, well we’ll see about SOP :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t deny that it wouldn’t be very nice, but I am happy with my rank as it is right now as well if it doesn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Where the hell did you come from??

Where the hell did you come from??

Well, give or take 20 years ago, my mother birthed me.

Well, give or take 20 years ago, my mother birthed me.


You were gone for ages m8

Congratulations on 5 years! :smiley:

You know it baby ::slight_smile:

Gratz Marco, hope you’ll be around for at least 5 more!

Congratulations on 5 years marco! I am so glad that I met you. You’re an amazing friend! :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:

Depends if you’re gonna ban me anytime soon

I’m even more glad that I met you :stuck_out_tongue: and so are you :smiley:

Eyy, another person who is officially old af

Congratulations Marco!

and as the article of our constitution states:

‘‘No one can truly leave PCB’’

Let’s commemorate your next five years too!

I’m a few months short of 6 years, here.

Congratulations on being in PCB for five years, Marco. Your time with us on PCB is something I won’t forget. You’ve connected with me and everyone else on the server like peas in a pie. Although it took you ages to rank up, I would usually consider the experience you’ve had with everyone as the most important aspect of PCB. I hope you do continue to play with us, Marco, for five years more. :slight_smile:

Pffft gonna send me a walker now or what?

thank you :smiley: and true asf.
I’m just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Since everyone’s said some form of congratulations, I say centrifugal congestion to communistic comatosism.




Wow, congratulations on 5 years Marco!!! =D You are one of the most amazing people I have gotten on this server. You always know how to make jokes that will make us laugh. Again Congratulations!!! =D =D

Happy 5 years, Marco!

2011-2017 :smiley:

You’re Good OP!


Big congrats, fellow geezer. You’re a delight to have around.