Well, i have a request of everyone.

Im in the mood to start writing, but i don’t want to just write without an audience. I wanted to know, if i started writing my story, Red-Filled Moon, if people would give me some honest critique.

I could.

sounds good to me. Im going to start writing now. Ill post something as soon as its done.

I’ll do it too yo

I like reading, so I will as well.

I’m in I think. Not like I have anything more important to do while FTB is down!

No, I really would read your work. Should be interesting. What’s the topic btw?

Yes, I’ll read it.
I would also like to know what genre it’s going to be.

I would love to read it as well :slight_smile: As a fellow writer i know how helpful it is to get honest critique so i’ll do my best on that front too :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to read it provided its not horror :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh its kinda hard to explain without it sounding a bit cheesey. ill just post it. The Story itself sounds better when you just read it.

Its a novel i almost finished at one point and then stopped.

posting chapter one now. =)