Well... HELLO!

Hey guys! Its me ark, and I’m gonna be back 'round these parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Havent been on in ages, and tried to get on classic… but its gone? >c

Anyways, just be aware of the fact you’re gonna see me around more :slight_smile:

welcome back

Welcome back!!!

I love you

^Yeah that’s ital, he just does that so accept it. Anyway, Welcome Back even though I have never met you. :smiley:


And if you need anything Ark… I Noah guy :wink:

Welcome Back Ark…

The Classic server looks like it is down. Im sure Kyle will get on that ASAP.

To fill you in:

  1. We got a lot more people to join
  2. GGG went on a rampage and banned some people
  3. GGG banned himself after he realized what he did
  4. Nothing new

Sorry! Classic was down while I worked on someone else’s PC. It needed parts from my own PC to get it going. It is up now but will go down for about 2 hours one hour from this post.



quick question, why isnt my wom friking working?..

Did you try xWOM?

Ital! andy, ocram, sword! god its great seeing you guys again… plus am i still classic operator?

Should be. No one has demoted you to my knowledge…