Well hello there.

Well, my IGN is ZandermanX
I’m 16.
This is a biography.
My favorite animal is a giraffe.
Moose Tacks ice-cream all the way.
I’m a Co-Owner of a different server (this isn’t to advertise so I’ll leave out the name and IP) so you can trust me.
This sounds like a mod app, but isn’t.

Hi :smiley:

Welcome Buddy :smiley:

EDIT: Missed the part about Moose Tracks. (Thought it said mouse tracks xD) I also love Moose tracks :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the server, and moose tracks ice-cream is pretty good. :smiley:

Welcome! and Yes, moose tracks all the way.

Welcome! Good to see some older players here :smiley:

If 16 is older, then I must be ancient! Welcome to PCB Zander. You will likely see me more on the forums than in game. Perhaps in classic though.

Welcome to the PCB community! Its good to see new members join!

Also, FYI, the mod application is a tad bit different!

^ this.

But Welcome. i saw you last night and instructed you on becoming Member Status.

Welcome to the server Zander! I saw you online earlier and hope you have fun and have found a nice place to settle in!

Welcome to the server. We all hope you will like the server(You will fall in love)and have fun.

You’re all so friendly :'D

For now…


That’s just how we roll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Really sword? Anyway, welcome to PCB, we hope you like it here! BTW, what is Moose Track? I know it’s ice cream, but what’s in it? I usually stick to Chocolate… (Yeah I know that’s boring)

GASP! Well, vanilla, mini peanut butter cups like you know, reeses, fudge swirl, some more stuff I can’t remember now because unfortunately it’s been a while since i have had some :’(

Welcome to PCB

Buster, please don’t necro old threads. As you can see, the last post here was in November…