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PCB Survival is a 1.8.1 Beta Server that can hold 50 players. Please keep the following things in mind:

  • This server will be wiped when 1.9 comes out to take advantage of the new nether, snow, swamp and mushroom biomes.
  • Nothing will be transferred from previous maps. You can request a previous creation to be placed in the creative server
  • No flying
  • Warps are going to be limited to major towns and spawn
  • Teleporting is disabled for guests and members

We are making a fresh start from scratch. Remember we also have our creative server at for those who just want to build.

YAY :smiley:

I still say.survival should be whitelisted for people unless they.make an app for.it. jus tto prevent greifing (phone keyboard sucks)

I think that is more necessary for creative than survival. But really glad to see this server up :smiley: can’t wait to actually survive in minecraft.

Is no flying a perm rule?

We should white list it for anyone who hasn’t joined the site no exceptions. Anyway HOORAY SURVIVAL!

awwh no flying? come on pleaseeeeee! i cant live without my flymod! :c

EDIT: or at least can mod+ fly? :smiley:

Will the 1.9 smp server get our requested transfer items?



I’m getting a “can’t resolve host name” is the server on?

Yep there’s been about 15 people on this morning. Are you sure you put the IP in correctly?

I do believe that Donators will have access to flying on Survival when we get round to working out how :confused:

At the moment, not even I can fly in the survival server. You will have to make due with tp jumps.

I believe the time pod will be brought into the survival server at some point. Those items should still be valid unless Andy declares otherwise. The rules are stricter now.

redstone! ;D