Welcome to PCB Creative

Minecraft 1.8.1 Creative Server:

Welcome to our new Minecraft Creative server. We can accommodate up to 64 players on this new set up. We are now running the server off a RAM disk which should make it a lot faster than our previous server.

Due to corrupted chunks, the map has been reset. Ranks will be organised in the next few days.

If anyone is on when the server restarts (every 4 hours), please let me know if a server restart message plays.


There is a console:stopping server message when it was restarting yesterday.

This is a completely new server from yesterday. But it looks like there is no server restarting message yet.

Oh my god. 1.8 does horrors to my CPU. I find that running in “power save mode” under the performance sets my CPU to 40% when idle, 100% when doing anything. TPing freezes me for 10 seconds or so.

PS. I have never ran MC in full screen.

Same especially when I was hitting my hard drive with a lot of data for some reason not sure why it was so affected by that because it shouldn’t have had to poll the hard drive often, can’t wait to get OJ this server though.

And RAM Disk FTW!

And did I mention the server is fast. Because it is fast :slight_smile:

is it up? cause i cant connect…

It’s back up now.


Lovin’ the server, it runs smooth and no problems have arisen. Only possible problems in the future would have to do with connection.

When I try to connect it says “Can’t Resolve Hostname” is the server restarting or is it me?

It says that it’s an unknown host. Hmm…

Just checked, the server’s still up and there’s 6 players in. Maybe it’s your side?

What could be the issue andy? Or Anyone?

My lord, ever since Hard posted the ip’s to the public the server(s) have/has gone to shit :frowning:

Having to see “Banned” every minute pretty much sums up what happens…

my ban count i think… comes in at 61, so yeah… :-\

Yeah, they destroyed Sacropolis :frowning:

(i know im overreacting)

how much did they destroy?.. now im depressed i spent ages making it…

Double post…

What? Where did he post it? Not once was I asked before that was done…