Welcome to 1.17!

It is time for us to move into the latest era of Minecraft. A lot is changing with this update, with even more changes to come!

Temporarily, the only available maps are Creative, Monarch and Sandbox. This is whilst we work out some instability issues 1.17 has introduced. Other worlds will be back shortly once we’ve been able to sort this.

In the mean time, grab your moss blocks, axolotls and your deepslate, and come and join us!

:information_source:   Our exact version is now 1.17.1, so make sure to pick the right one in the launcher


Just to confirm a few details.

1.17 does NOT include the new height update. Mojang have pushed this back to 1.18 (Which will release late this year). We will update to 1.18 as soon as a majority of plugins are in a stable development stage.
We will NOT be resetting the creative or survival worlds. However, once survival has been updated, we will extend the world border to allow players to explore the new terrain gen.

The creative world currently has the arcade disabled until the plugins associated with the minigame are either updated, or we can find suitable replacements. With this update will come a new system for rewards which we will release alongside the updated arcade playlist.

Please report any bugs via the discord support section. Our server is a vast interconnected web of plugins all speaking to one another, and with any update there are bound to be problems. We hope you all enjoy this update and we will keep you posted on any updates or maintenance the server requires.


Known Issues

We’re aware of these issues and will try and address them ASAP.

:information_source:   Please report other issues on Discord in the support channel.

ImageOnMap Plugin

  • This plugin has been disabled until it’s available for 1.17, or we can find an equally good alternative


  • For some players the /home command says they don’t have any homes. Your homes haven’t been lost! In the meantime if you remember the names of your homes you can still do /home <name>.
Resolved Issues

Live Maps

  • The 3D map of Monarch is currently not available

Unloaded Maps

  • All non-critical maps are currently unloaded, this will include things like the map bank and arcade