Welcome to 1.16

Blocks, blocks, blocks - and more blocks! :ice_cube:

I’m sure all builders, across Creative and Survival will appreciate the additional blocks and other building resources that are now available. You can find a comprehensive list of new additions here

Nether Reset :rewind:

We know many of you will be wondering if the Nether has been reset. We plan to reset the Nether in approximately 7 days time. We want to give all our members time to recover anything they might have in the nether before we squash it. Please make sure you have removed all your belongings from the Nether before Friday the 11th of September.

Enjoy :rocket:

We hope as always you continue to enjoy building and playing in our community. If you have any questions please let us know below or on our Discord server.



The Nether has now been reset. Enjoy the updated 1.16 nether :sunglasses: :fire:

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