Welcome Spheu to PCB!

Hi all! My name is spheu, i’ve just joined PCB. Im looking quite forward to it as it was the first site that popped up when i typed ‘Minecraft Economy Servers’ Hope to see you all soon! And i hope we all get on good terms. :slight_smile:


Hi Welcome to PCB

Ahhhh I’m not sure what to say but I can guarantee once you join PCB you never leave…

Also just to let you know there might be a few issue with the server for the next few days, just be a little patient we’ve only just updated to 1.8. With the update we reset the map and also sorts of crazy messy things

Welcome Spheu!

First thing I gotta say is, dude, wow! You just came on and just started a thread saying who you are and how you came here! Nice. :smiley:


If you need any help feel free to ask any of us.

The sever is down ATM but hopefully will be back up soon with the work of our brilliant staff.

Also Anty you know there is a whole section of the forums dedicated to saying hello to the community.

Wow guys! I havent even gone on the server and i already am starting to like this place! Thanks for the nice warm welcomes.


Yeah it’s what we do best here. Oh and emfitty is right, you may find other servers but you’ll always come back to this one. My name’s jet, aka the fonz, been here for four years. If you have any questions or need help just shoot me a message!

Oh If we talk about nick names we can avoid most of mine but if you see me in game I’m SassEm

Welcome to PCB! Server is down right now because we’re updating to 1.8, but I hope to see you on!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay with us…:

Welcome, I am sure you will get along with everybody!
If you see me on the server my name is Pen, I will gladly help you out if you ever need it. :slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome! You’ll find me in-game as ~Yoshio! I’d be more than glad to help you out if you need it. As Josh said, the server is down right now, but it should be up soon! :smiley: Once again, welcome to PCB!


Welcome Spheu, once the server has had its bugs ironed out I am sure you will enjoy the server. It is the best around.

This in a nutshell. Even if you try to leave, they always come back. This place is a living black hole ;).

Anyways welcome!! Its great to have new members! If you need help, give me a shout when im on! Soz about the server difficulties if you cant log on today since we are under maintenance. Anyways, enjoy your [forever] stay! :slight_smile:

ps: can i call you shue cause that seems easier to say/remember :smiley:

Welcome To PcB, hope you feel right at home.