Weird Day/Night Problems

So I’ve heard of a few incidents similar to this but luckily its only ever happened to everyone at the same time once. Pretty much what happens is that it appears to be day with the sign coming up and all but is in actual fact night, the only way to solve it is to relog. I’m not sure exactly how many people have experienced but I’ve had the issue once by myself, I was also on when to happened to everyone online at the time, and Anth also had that issue today by himself. I heard that it was possible that it was an issue with /ptime but that shouldn’t affect survival as well so I thought I might bring up the issue to see if there is a solution because for member’s who don’t realise what is happening may ogo outside thinking its day but its night

if you set /ptime then it stays between worlds. Do /ptime reset to put it back to server time.