Weird Bug/Glitch

So, yesterday I yesterday I bought an enchanted diamond sword from Dord, it had smite III, unbreaking III, and looting II. Then the weird thing is, today when I was on the server, I was killing a zombie with my newly bought diamond sword, and then the sword just disappeared from my inventory. I checked around to make sure I didn’t drop it, and its really strange. I spent quite a lot of money on this sword, any help guys? :\

check all your chests, it could have been a minor rollback because of lag and that it is in the place where it was before it started lagging.

I did check my chests, every single house i have, or every single one thats under my lock. Nope, besides I was holding on to it. D: Thanks for your reply anyway, I’d thought no one would even bother to. :slight_smile:

You can probably ask a Senior Operator if he can get your sword back.
These kind of issues happen sometimes

Would that be an option? I hope they would assist me in this, I’ll wait for an SOP to come on and I’ll ask him/her about this issue. Hopefully get my sword back if possible. Thanks for your help on this post. :]

I lost a stack of blaze rods and a stack of string in this manner

Is that so? I’m waiting for an SOP, like Ouhai_Ruby or someone so i can enquire about this. Hope i can get my stuff back. ^^