Weed and PCB

I, Potato321, do not like to hear about drugs and how to get them. Now, this is the third time I have heard talk of drugs on this server. I am very disturbed by this, considering two things: the people talking about this are always staff, and secondly, there are young children who play on this server. I know this server is rated PG 13, but should 13 year olds be hearing about how “if you want weed, just make a post on reddit saying your looking for some green in your area, someone’s bound to reply”. I quote that from a senior staff member. I am not reporting anyone, but I would like any talk of weed or other drugs to please be at least in /me. (I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I couldn’t find one for this subject.) thanks, sincerely, Potato321.

I mean /msg sorry not /me!

LOL, Potato I really appreciate you coming to ME to tell me about this issue prior to actually making a post. NOT.
Second off, if you’re not comfortable with the word ‘WEED’ being thrown around, I highly recommend you to /swearblock and edit ‘WEED’ to be a banned word.
Like stated, this server is PG13, we’re allowed to talk about adult-related subjects. Are we telling you to go and smoke weed or calling you an idiot because you don’t smoke? No? So why the fuck are you offended? If you’re not happy about this, I highly recommend you throwing your computer away because this is the Internet and people will do and say things you don’t like.
I don’t believe in Jesus, but you don’t see me getting offended when people tell me I need Jesus. This is the Internet, if you’re not mature or old enough to handle PG13 content, GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET.

Sorry, not sorry.
If you had come to me prior to tell me about this, I probably wouldn’t have made such a big deal and would’ve made an effort to keep it in messages, but you had to make a fucking forum post about it to bring it up and expose a very minimal problem and blowing it WAY out of proportion.

Either way, /endrant.

If it bothered you that much why didn’t you just either:

A) Confront Kurry to let her know that children were online. I mean granted anyone can talk about whatever they want, it’s nice to inform others when there ARE PHYSICALLY members 13 or younger online at the time of such discussions. Cant tell you what she would have done but could probably assume perhaps she might have toned it down.

B) Make a Suggestion to other staff members privately instead of very inconspicuously targeting her publicly about such behavior.

C) Join the bandwagon and get lit

as much as i think this would be the best choice here i think thats what he’s trying to refrain from also potato 4/20 is on its way so be prepared

OK, I should have probably not posted this on the forums, so I’m sorry. I realise I should have told you in game to please stop, so I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I didn’t want to ask you in-game because you seemed upset that commands weren’t working for you.

This seems resolved. Locking :slight_smile: