Website Updates

Hey everyone! @Andy and I have been working on some cool new website features which we’ve deployed today.

Here’s a quick overview!

  • Check your current donation expiry and your donator history by going to Account > Account Settings > Donations
  • See what Minecraft accounts you have linked to your PCB account at Account > Account Settings > Game Accounts
  • Secure your account by enabling 2FA by going to Account > Account Settings > Security

Plus some bugfixes too:

  • Fixed a bug where if members donated they would be set as [Member][Donator]
  • Fixed a bug where members wouldn’t get [Member] back when their donations expired
  • Fixed a bug where updating your username or email on Account Settings would clear your forum groups until you logged in again

Have a look at the new account pages and let us know if you spot any bugs!

Currently we’re aware of:

  • Some older donations may not be shown in the donations list (mine from ~2013 isn’t!)
  • The “Last Synced At” date on your Minecraft account will be the same as date you added it until you next log in

We’ll be back in the new year with some more exciting features :wink: