Website problems

Ever since I was banned about 2 months ago, I’ve been having site troubles on the PC I was banned on. When I was unbanned, it still kept happening. It won’t let me scroll up/down, or view things like forum posts. I spoke with Andy about it when I saw him a week ago, and he said it might have something to do with a ban list glitch. Can anyone look into this or tell me what I need to do? I don’t have these problems with any other sites, thanks!

Well Andy is the person who knows the most about our website so if he doesn’t know what to do, then I’m not sure what we can do… Hopefully someone else who knows stuff about computers and websites can help you out.

Bumping this, still need help.

What specifically is the problem? Are the pages not loading at all? That one would be the ban list glitch.

If it’s simply not being able to scroll up or down, then that’s something different I haven’t heard of before.

Sorry to butt in here w/o any help. But, i am also having issues with some of the links.

I am not able to access staff apps (normally can with Classic Senior Op), ban appeals (CSO) and, the weirdest one, Applying for staff.

Have you updated your browser?