Website Chat Box

Hello PCB!

I think there should be a chat box on the website. It will be useful if players cant get on the server and it can just be a general conversation between people who aren’t on the server. Please look into this.

Thank you,

We have a large skype group (and staff skype group) for all community members. A chatbox on the website would rarely be used. If anyone wants to join the skype group, add me on skype (jmvvana or it might be my email [[email protected]]) say who you are and let me know that you want to join the skype group and id be happy to add you in. Server rules apply to the skype group.

Denying this, as jm has said we already have a chat facility. Additionally, we did use to have a chat facility on the dynmap but it caused a lot of problems with spam and banned players.