Web design classes

So our teacher told us that we are getting popular with some of the neighboring schools and stuff because of our school homepage. Since you guys seem to be intelligent on webby type stuff, i want to know your opinion.

Note: if this is somehow against the forum rules on posting school websites, please notify me and remove this thread

Feel free to post your own school websites here if you feel like :smiley:


I automatically block scripting on most sites. It kind of bugs me that the homepage does not account for those that do. Some sites handle this by giving a message about scripting being needed. My first view of the site was… odd. Text was written under other text and icons were out of place.

It’s not a bad site after turning scripting on. Maybe make the school name at the top a link to the home page like many other sites do (like ours).



Mine is so lame.


Although to be fair it us updated reeeallly rarely and it is a CMS not hand coded.

For a University who teaches how to make websites, this website sucks.