We want Pixelmon and we want it now!

So recently a lot of people have been talking about a PCB Pixelmon and wondering if we will ever get one. Shadow recently said there wasn’t enough demand for it, but I believe things have changed now. Vote for change, vote for the greater good, vote for pixelmon.

I shall be the first to comment:

I am an advocate for this happening 100%. Perhaps some people might think that we wouldn’t benefit from having a Pixelmon, however if the vote really proves the popular demand then maybe things have changed. My only HOWEVER on this whole suggestion is who would be capable of hosting the server, would we need to donate, etc. If there is enough popular demand, I don’t think we should force somebody into hosting the server unless we really want to. With that said, if somebody has an interest in hosting this it should be known

Pie has voted no and will be executed in 3 days if he still refuses to change his vote to yes.

Okay, set up a server then.

Also, while you’re at it, figure out al of it’s flaws before releasing to the general public.

Love you, but next time, don’t be so damn demanding. I might be willing to do it, if 1,) I know that it’s going to be played, and 2.) I can either get someone to help fund or get plenty of donations.

Plus, to run a server, you have to have time. And that’s something that I don’t have at the moment.

Lol, I’m not being serious. I hope we can find someone to host it though. I think a lot of people would like it when they got on, and some donations might come in :stuck_out_tongue:

Pixelmon would be a great addition to the line of servers!

Don’t make such a serious title. I was about to go on a rant that John summed up.

Also @me next time John. Name names.

I made the title as a way to show that a lot of people were excited about pixelmon being a possibility.

That title is extremely rude. I know you were trying to be funny but that’s not the way to push a project. Really didn’t like the tone.

I say no for the moment, rather than creating another server, we should focus on finishing PCB/PVP and integrating it to the server.

  • replacing the classic line with PVP for example? So people know the IP and how many people are online?


We can if:

  1. Someone is willing to be responsible for it.
  2. Knows how to set it up, maintain it (has good knowledge of Linux).
  3. People are willing to play it.
  4. People are not going to abandon playing/moderating the main server

Then I may give that person a server to use.

  1. ofc, I run my own bungeecord network
  2. Darn. I know how to run a server but Linux…
  3. Up to the community
  4. no ofcourse not

me no like pixlemon
but it would probably bring a lot of more people to pcb

Perhaps we can resume this at a later time. It seems as if there is speculation that PCB must host a Pixelmon server, however if we don’t have anybody that’s willing to accept the responsibility and possible downfalls then why bother. Dont get me wrong I would love to be an active part of the Pixelmon server if we were to make it official but I don’t think the time is right. I sense that funding it would be the most difficult of the responsibility altogether. Will we have enough players to be a part of it? Compared to recent years you could say so, but not everybody donates and tbh the only way I could see this working out is if if it was a requirement to donate for access to the use and enjoyment of the Pixelmon server

Shad and I have already spoken about it, and as neither of us are able to currently pay for a server, or host our own, if we can get a server, we will happily build a map for it and administrate it.

We just need to know people would be willing to play…

my thing is if it is going to be done, the freaking thing needs to be updated when asked to, or else there is no point to it… its also going to need max ram and such cause the models do take a toll on the ram. if we want to do a donation store for it, certain other things will need to be fixed as well, such as making it so the spawn rate of legends is at 0% and that Cloning machines, and orbs no longer work so that people will spend money in the donation store.

i know how to run one, i just need someone to help me with it and someone who can do the backend work

I am willing to do some backend work. Tell me what you need and Ill help!

Backend here too. If it happens. I would play for a bit, but only keep playing if others were playing.