WE need a larger/better server

man if you have $10,000 then why don’t you bye the mac pro it is only $4000 and as well you can buy one x server as well that is $3500 =$7500 or if you don’t like apple you can buy the IBM small server computer it is i think $7800.

And is the 10,000 in US dollar or AUS dollar what type of currency is the 10,000 in

By the way i ordered the computer it is coming next week it has a
intel core i7 950 CPU
8GB 1333MHz DDR 3 RAM
22x Dual layer DVD-R/RW Burner
ATI 57770 1GB DDR5 PCI Card
powerteck case (700w power)


this is 3 times more powerful then the my mac by the way andy i hope this computer is able to host a server

Wow those are some nice specs