we are being player spammed

We are being spammed with players

Everything is back to normal now, nothing super serious.

Thats new!

o man.

Shit went down.

o man

o man, indeed.

Can we confirm as to what happened?


What I and many others believe to be the case is that a hacker with many accounts (over 200, the hacker said himself) used an illegal client to force all accounts to broadcast a series of messages onto the server, potentially crashing it or causing some amount of harm to the server. What I am unsure about is whether the hacker was planning to threaten people or the server, as Ital, Koala, and Niko went to work banning the multiple accounts before the hacker was able to execute any harmful programming he had in store. Hope this helps, Jedi.


yes it did thanks, I was just not there when it happened

thats a awesome hack I have to admit