Water is banned!?

I’ve always been able to use water buckets before, and I’ve never used them in huge amounts. I think it’s just my account, because a member (I forgot who it was, sorry) was able to place water. I get this message:

“You’re not allowed to use Water Bucket (#369)”

Is there some new rule about water? My rank is Donator, and I was never told I couldn’t use it…
If anyone knows why I can’t, or if someone else is having this problem, please give me a shout. Thanks! :-\

The only one who can really answer this is SpecialK. As far as I know, this is a bug. I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused you.

It’s OK. Bugs are bugs, nobody’s fault. Thanks for the info. I’ll contact Special later (If I can).


I’m really sorry, I posted this in survival when I meant to put it in creative… My bad, How do I move the topic? :-[

It doesn’t really matter i think. Survival and Creative are one.

I have a feeling that this has been solved. The “bug” was that drk had changed his display name and it then counted him as a guest.


Un locking, this bug occurred with him as a domator as well. Also, mods/ops cant place lava. Lava should be trusted+

lol. Hard noticed that when hes Mod lmao.
Sacred and I have been saying this for MONTHS

I’ll look into this when I get a chance. I’ve got 3 projects due next Wednesday and I don’t even have much time for sleep at the moment. I’m not sure which plugin is blocking it. We have about 4 different ones that have that feature.