washablewillie12: December

Minecraft Username: washablewillie12
Approximate Date of Ban: December
OP Who Banned You: SERVER

Reason for Ban: I was walking down the christmas town and i say a chest so i opened iut and i saw dimond so i took it i thought it was for anyone im very sorry i love this server and i hope i gt unbanned soon
Reason for Unban: I think i should be unbanned because i never new that i was for someone peticular and i promise iull never do this again i love this server so much iand i hope i get un banned sorry
Server: Survival

Nek banned you from survival for that reason or somthing.
I banned you from creative for greifing spawn, and even afterwords, admitting to it and asking us to ban you for it, you even told us that you greifed it and to come look at it.

In my case, I say no.

I want to hear what the others say

From Hard’s account I’m going to have to say no. However, if it was just Nek’s I would be willing to let you off with a warning. So, No.

EDIT: Just remembered the incident so NO for both accounts.

No. Locked.

That wasn’t your call to make Sipjca. You didn’t ban him and you didn’t see the incident for yourself so you have NO right to be locking ban appeals that don’t concern you. You should know this shit.

As for washablewillie12, I saw a broken-into present in the Christmas tree area so I did a logblock check. Your name popped up so I rollbacked your actions then banned you for griefing. Someone had told me you were banned before so I assumed you somehow bypassed your ban.

Normally I would have unbanned you and let you off with a warning. However, apparently you had knowingly griefed the Creative server which is our sister server. Consequences carry over on both areas so you had your first chance, but fucked up your second one.


Nek I did see the incident on the creative server that’s why I did deny an lock it. I helped Hard repair the damage he did.

I should have given more info at the time and that is my fault.

True but this was an appeal for the Survival server, not the Creative. I apologize for acting like a dick, you know how I am.

Okay no more irrelevant posting in this ban appeal. Case closed.