I am sick of this. I have seen way too many “wars” going on this server. For instance, I saw someone wanting to start a flippin’ war because their dog died, and they had no proof that the person that they were blaming actually killed it. Another thing that happened to me was someone wanted to start a war against me because I killed someone because they would not stop doing something after I told them to stop many times. This is awful, and it needs to end.

I just lol at wars… just pointless…

While I don’t see the benefits to petty wars I think that wars can be a good chance to have fun (both sides permitting).

War never changes.

First of all we know it was him who killed the dog from circumstantial evidence, secondly that dog cost me $150, and thirdly when I burn in the lava because he griefd those four blocks (which by the way you said were only four blocks live with it,) he stole my God pick, and all you did was come in yelling about how wars are pointless when I asked you to stop you didn’t when I told you to stop you didn’t you had no jurisdiction no right to do that, so here’s the Frank truth if people want to have wars that are going to have them no matter what you say, anyway I did not mean in actual war I just said this means war because I was really mad I mean he killed my friend’s dog who does that???

Urm… Heller? An SOP can spawn you a new dog in, and also you had no proof that he killed your dog. And if you say you do have proof, then how come you wouldn’t show it to me? He might have broken 4 blocks, but someone else could have come with him and kill the dog. And the blocks were water, which you can find anywhere. And I was not “yelling”, or else I would be in all caps. It’s not like it’s diamond blocks. Even an SOP said that there was no need for war, and that he could spawn you a new dog. And I do have a right to say what I want, we have no need for another war. I was trying to keep peace on the server instead of people fighting over a dog. This is not about this situation anyways, it’s about war in general. :-\

First of all the circumstantial evidence was pretty strong secondly my diamond pick had fortune three on it and the last time I saw it was right before I burnt in the llama because he griefd those for blocks if the SOP had replaced the dog and giving back the fortune three pickax then we might have been happy otherwise :-X

Ok, i as standing right next to you most of the time this shit was happening, and i distinctly remember you saying im declaring war on [enter town name here that eludes me]

I spawned you in a new dog, and a new pic, and you were still on your way to start griefing whoever this was over four blocks. if it was like, a house, i would understand, but it would take literally 5 seconds to fix the four blocks. It was only after i kicked you and threatend you and your other bud with a temp ban that you decided to chill your jets.

We don’t have wars we ban…