Warpscan - october


Minecraft Username Warpscan

Date of Ban october
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by idk

Reason for Ban greifing

Reason to be Unbanned I really wanted to sea how strong your ban system is. And it is good! I am not joking. I helped on some of your cities builds too. I Helped on my friend’s train station and I want to continue helping my friend on building projects. I also want to make a cinema for my youtube channel “MadKube” on your cities (if it’s ok). It’s your decision to unbann me or not. I would never grief or place lava on your buildings ever again.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Banned by @ElydoreMD for lava and water grief.

I uh… Yeah, I think this is pretty ridiculous.

Up to Ely; But dude, we know how strong our ban system is. We don’t need members testing it.

I don’t believe you were actually testing our ban system.

You majorly griefed a building in a city in Creative with lava and you also poured water along a bridge in that city too (I think the mayor is @razz_matazz and as far as I can remember he took some screenshots). Do you have any other explanation for this apart from the crappy one you presented on your appeal?

Sorry for double posting.

Warpscan sent me the following private message this morning:

Okay, so the “kid playing minecraft that is idiotic and has no idea what he’s saying” is going to explain you something. You didn’t do any damage at all because, like you said, fire spreading in Creative is off, and we keep it that way precisely because of people like you, who pour lava along the walls of huge buildings for fun or to test the ban system bla bla bla whatever. Also, it didn’t take two seconds to clean the mess you did because there was a lot of lava and a lot of water as well, apart from the cobblestone that formed afterwards etc… Even if it only took 2 seconds, you have absolutely no right to lava and water grief other people’s structures. And no, the server is not dying, we have more active players than ever who thankfully don’t grief like you did.

Because I’m feeling extremely generous and because I think everyone deserves a second chance, I’ll unban you, ignore your dumb insults and give you one more opportunity. You’re on thin ice, though, and I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

Unbanned. Locked.