Some towns somehow have been given a warp, even though they don’t meet the criteria (which can be found here)

So here is a list of the warps that don’t currently meet the criteria.
If your town appears on the list, you have UNTIL 10PM UK TIME TUESDAY 24TH JUNE to make them meet the criteria, or the warps will be removed. If the town is in creative, you may ignore the resident requirement, but it is important that it looks nice.


The following warps have already been removed due to either their close proximity to another warp or they are no longer needed (for events ect.)


Clearwater has acquired its residents as of today

You might want to look at imperial as it has some box houses which aren’t allowed due to requirements

Well I didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday, so have 2 more weeks to sort it all out. Warps will be removed as soon as I can get onto my PC again.

here’s a list of warps that do not meet the requirements listed.


Woah, that’s great Yomi!

And clearwater still doesn’t qualify! It has the residents but not the facilities

Actually id like to correct octo on that, There are 3 facilities, There is the Info/Main room, The Greenhouse (there are 2 parts of the green house with redstone greenhouse things :stuck_out_tongue: With Chicken rooms etc.) And there is the Autofurnace/Furnace/Potion Room.

Regarding Yomi’s list. I went through all of the towns listed with “doesn’t meet full requirements” in survival.

Under each town listed is what is required for the warp. The ones without coordinates will stay and just have notes about them. I’ll do all the other warps later.

Name: Coords: xyz

It does meet the requirements, but the rules or the warp need to be moved to the same area.

Elysium 1037 65 -3600
-Needs residents + More decorative buildings/facilities(2).

Hanami -2968 67 87
-Needs 3 more residents + Decorative buildings/facilities(3).

Havenbrooke 2434 67 -2227
-Needs 4 more residents, everything else is there. A road would be good to add, otherwise everything else is there.

Helmsdeep 2494 113 -2860
-Needs 3 more residents + Decorative buildings/Facilities(3) + Better rules board

Hexabiome -1961 78 -2164
-Needs rules board + Decorative Buildings(2)

Meets the requirements. Though maybe not the theme one, as it goes from a medival type feel to a modern type of builds. I don’t think the warp should be removed though.

Riverview 2547 63 2729
-Needs 2 Decorative buildings/facilities, everything else is there.

Roge 368 66 1649
-Boxed houses, no decorative buildings/facilities, no effort whatsoever. Warp removed.

Everything is there, though it should be more together instead of having one area housing then a long road to get to everything else. The idea of mushroom housing is cool, but the houses are fairly small…

Smallwood -511 70 632
-Needs 2 decorative buildings/facilities. It is close to Volterra, but they had said they were going to expand out into the desert, I was told this a long while ago.

Sunset_Cove 1470 69 3244
-Needs 2 decorative buildings/facilities. Everything else is there.

Tropica 3137 68 5084
-Needs 2 decorative buildings/facilities. Everything else is there.

Jail- I believe this is to warp to the area where someone is jailed. I’m going to leave it for now, if someone feels it isn’t necessary to keep it, then it can be removed.

Town owners of: Elysium, Hanami, Havenbrooke, Helmsdeep, Hexabiome, Riverview, Smallwood, Sunset_Cove and Tropica all have until July 1st to meet the requirements or else your warp shall be removed. I’m giving town owners roughly over three days to meet the requirements. These towns should have already have met the requirements, so this is why you only have such a small amount of time to do so. You can still ask for a warp at a later date if you cannot meet the requirements by the set date.

I have listed coordinates for each town listed here, in case a player does not see this and loses their warp. This is to help those who may have relied on that warp to get there so they have another way to find the town.

NO YOUR A TOWN… wait what… idk… I’m go add shit to hexabiome, so yall go visit it k?