Warp: Site-256

Project name: SCP facility 256
Warp name: Site-256
Town owner: verajasper
Backup owner: nuggetvx
Spawn point: 5056 78 -11009
Facing: North
About my project: SCP facility 256 is a large sprawling underground SCP facility, containing anomalies within it. At the time of writing the facility holds 3 major floors: The surface, entrance zone/ the offices and light containment. The surface consists of a small national park which holds a secret entrance to the facility. Entrance zone consists of mostly offices, but also holds a lot of secret rooms which can be found by going through the vent system. Light containment is the main part of this project, holding most of the scps. It consists of 3 sectors, all containing, multiple wings and large rooms needed for the containment of the anomalies. All sectors and wings also have things to interact with, like lights and doors that can be locked down.

Every floor contains many secrets that also interact with eachother, i. e. you have to find secrets to unlock more secrets. The main thing of the project is exploration so destroying doors to get through them and flying are not allowed (when reviewing I’d recommend going into spectator to see the full scale of the project, because a lot of large rooms are hidden away).

Changed backup owner because the old one has gone inactive.

Your warp is currently under assessment.

Expect the assessment process to last for a maximum of 2 weeks, with possibly an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.


Thank you for your patience. The warp has been officially approved. Please wait a few days for the warp to be installed by a senior staff member. Congratulations!

Warp has been set. Locked.