warp Ozark

Project Name: Ozark
Warp Name: Ozark
Town Owner: Tattor_That
Back Up Owner: DXSH25
Spawn Point: -9948 72 -9041
Facing: North

About Ozark:
Ozark is a city that was built in 1960 and has been adding on for 60 years. Ozark is the capitol for my country Newsota. this city has a wide variety of different structure of buildings. since Ozark is a fast growing town there are many empty lots for houses or new businesses to go. Ozark uses the greenfield texture pack. I hope you enjoy my town and I hope that you all have a good day.

Under Assessment.

Please be aware that the assessment process may take up to 2 weeks including an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.

Hi Tattor,
Unfortunately we can’t approve your warp at this time.

The main concerns are in relation to the area immediately adjacent to your warp hall. Please focus on developing the area before re-applying.

If you want to any more details, please ask a staff member for some pointers :slight_smile: