Warp: Ozark (29th of January 2021)

Project Name: Ozark
Warp Name: Ozark
City Owner:Tattor_That
Co-Owner: Bane
Spawn Point: -9949 72 -9028
Facing: north
About my project: the city of Ozark is a realistic city. Its was founded in the 1950’s. so we have builds from the 50’s all the way till 2021. we use the greenfeild texture pack so everything will look different. Ozark grows everyday with new homes being built or skyscrapers and stores and businesses. I hope you like Ozark.

Under Assessment.

Please be aware that the assessment process may take up to 2 weeks including an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.


Tattor_That, thank you for taking the time to apply. The staff team has carefully reviewed your application and has reached the decision that Ozark will not be receiving a warp at this time.

The following is a short summary of the topics discussed in your application:
Ozark currently has a lot of empty and unfinished buildings that detract from the overall quality of the town. Roads are suspended in air over the terrain, mid-construction. There is empty land around the warp hall.

What do you need to do?:
Suggestions for improving the quality of your town are as follows: Fill in the empty land in your town and focus on developing your built areas rather than trying to expand. Complete the buildings you are working on as well as interiors to ensure the quality of experience for visitors of Ozark.

Once these issues are addressed, you are welcome to reapply. Thank you.