Warp: Koirando (26th of January)

Project Name : Koirando
Warp Name : Koirando
Town Owner : @mexicanpizza (me)
Backup Owner(s) : @Ayush123, @lilAnsh
Spawn Point : 4654, 129, -15624
Facing : North
About My Project : Koirando is a small Japanese styled fishing village built in a 1:1 scale. It is located next to the Koiyonama Mountain Range and south of the Bay of Stiix. Koirando is built on top of ancient ruins, which can be spotted throughout the town. Many eastereggs can also be found like the underground tunnels and the unfinished Disco Club behind the waterfall.

Under Assessment.

Please be aware that the review process may take as long as 2 weeks. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.

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krishwrld, the effort put into your town is undeniable. However, it has not met the basic requirements to be passed onto the staff forums for vote. The main issue is the requirement for unique buildings. Many of the buildings in Koirando are copies of each other and would not count as unique buildings. This is the reason that it is being denied immediately.

As for other problems, a large part of your town is undeveloped and one of the main castles is still in construction (though these things had no bearing in this decision). If your town were to proceed to the voting stage, it would likely not pass for these reasons.

My suggestion is to create more variety of buildings and work on filling in your empty areas. Once you have done this, you are welcome to apply for a warp again. Thank you.