Warp: Jakobstad (10th of July 2021)

Project Name: Jakobstad
Warp Name: Jakobstad
Town Owner: Maxutaxu, SmartTies09
Backup Owner(s): Rangle, Maximusmaxi
Spoawn Point: X: 9436.421 Y: 64.00000 Z: -9156.529
Facing: West
About My Project: Jakobstad is a town/city in Finland with a old town center and a modern city. It has 20+ buildings with interior, and has secret stories and easter eggs hidden inside. The city has a town hall, lots of houses, 2 big mansions, 3 skyscrapers, a police station, a cinema, a huge water plant, 2 bridges and suburbian districts. Under the city are hidden catacombs, with secret rooms and tunnels inside of it.

All creators: Maxutaxu (Owner) SmartTies09 (Co-Owner) Rangle (Builder) MaximusMaxi (Builder)


Your warp is currently under assessment.

Expect the assessment process to last for a maximum of 2 weeks, with possibly an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.

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You all have shown that there is proper potential for Jakobstad to have its warp. However, there are inconsistencies that need sorting out, before this city can earn its warp status.

Starting with the streets of the city, there are a few streets that are well-organized. However, a significant number of streets seem to turn or end abruptly, lacking a system of organization. While a few streets have lighting, most remain without any sort of lighting, especially in and around the city centre. There is also one tram line that both starts and ends abruptly.

While there are a few areas (especially along water) where the landscape was modified or detailed, the rest of the city lacks a smooth, natural landscape. Instead of the buildings being incorporated into the landscape, some of the landscape abruptly adapts to individual houses.

Important parts of the city are undeveloped. In the city centre, there are significant buildings that seriously lack details or completion. A lot of empty slots make for a harsh transition between both sides of the city.
I can also hear the sound of running water under your warp hall.

With all that said, Jakobstad can earn its warp status, as long as these inconsistencies are sorted out. If you all focus on smoothing the terrain, organizing the street system, completing the development of the city centre and the riverside, and adding consistent details, you are welcome to reapply.

Thank you.