Warp: Edgewater (Second Application 12th of January 2022)

Project Name: Edgewater
Warp Name: Edgewater
Town Owner: jhd1124
Backup Owner: NommyFluff
Spawn Point: -2427 / 78 / -3010
Facing: East

About Edgewater
Edgewater is a North American city built between roughly 1850 and 1990. Giving the city such a broad timeline allowed us to create a city that doesn’t feel caught in a particular moment in time. There are 19th century brownstones surrounding Jasmine Park, neoclassical institutions including the courthouse and capitol building, an art-deco inspired skyscraper, and even a few brutalist-inspired buildings.

The city has several distinct neighborhoods that are separated by rivers. The spawn is located on the mainland, which is itself separated into three areas: Morintonne Square to the north (centered by the courthouse), Jasmine Square direclty in the center, and Brewer’s Square to the south by the river. The mainland is largely dominated by residential spaces, with a few business/commercial districts spread here and there. East of the mainland is Three Gates Island, a lively nightlife neighborhood inspired by Boston and Philadelphia’s Chinatown. There you can find restaurants, arcades, vendors, salons, and more. The island is surrounded by three gates: The red gate, the yellow gate, and the midnight gate.

Finally, due directly south of the mainland you will find Highwater, historically an older neighborhood that has seen new development in the form of a brutalist-inspired library and post office in addition to a contemporary hospital.

In terms of building details, the city is built on a roughly 1.5:1 scale, with a standard block palette consisting of bricks, granite, sandstone, diorite, quartz, and concrete. However, Edgewater incorporates a variety of colors and checkered patterns to give the city depth and life.

Since the last time applying, the total number of completed interiors totals 29 and the total building number is 74. I would be happy to walk through with any of the reviewers to show them the completed interiors and count the buildings, if necessary.

Thank you for your consideration.


Under Assessment.

Please be aware that the assessment process may take up to 2 weeks including an additional few days for warp installation. An update will be posted here once a decision is reached. Thank you.

Hi Ruby! Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to follow up to see if there has been a decision made in regards to this warp application?

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Hi @jhd1124 I took a look at your application yesterday and realised it had been approved a long time ago but the app wasn’t followed up on. I have created the warp, your application is now complete!