Warp: Aastivan (17th of May 2020)

Project Name: Aastivan
Warp Name: Aastivan
Town Owner: Finlays_chuchuk
Backup Owner: Pu_V3rty
Spawn Point: 2498 65 -9342
Facing: West
About My Project: Aastivan 2 is a 1:1 modern age city with many 20th century style buildings and factories and abandonment. Almost identical to Aastivan 1. Some say it is the most polluted city on PCB.


You have a good start with some substantial builds. A few of your builds could do with a little love and depth but overall there at a decent quality.
You’re interiors are quite lacking at the moment, the scale of your builds are not particularly big so I’d expect more of them and a higher quality.
The overall landscape is okay but I’d like to see a little improvement to the streets. Just a little bit of details - a few more trees or cars. I do like that you’ve worked with the Landscape and put a significant amount of effort.
I’d also like to see a bit more detail in the warp building. It seems a little empty and under developed for something that is going to be the first thing people see.


You’re almost there! A lot of your buildings are complete on the outside, however lack interiors. Once you have the interiors done for those larger buildings, you’ll be all set!


This city is nearing potential warp status. The quantity of buildings and use of height is spot on, the city has great character and I like the variation in style despite most buildings being from the industry sector. I enjoy your representation of real life industry equipment and the ways in which you have transferred these aspects into minecraft shows creativity and understanding.

That being said, for my warp approval, the city must improve on two fronts:

  1. Realism - Upon exploring the city I found the streets void of all car and traffic, a poor reflection of a heavily industrialized area. The streets themselves lack details such as drains, street lights, traffic lights, signs and trash cans, only further adding to the empty feel. I also think your city would hugely benefit from a few armor stand scenes dotted about though this is not essential. The industrial nature would certainly make for some unique scenes.

  2. Interiors - As aforementioned by previous staff members, you have a great quantity of buildings though the quantity of interiors pales in comparison. As i’ve said before, though I don’t see the need to interiorize every building, I think a decision should be made as to whether you fake the interior or complete it and each building should reflect that decision. Being able to see through empty buildings isn’t a good look.

Good luck and keep up the hard work, make the above improvements and i’d be happy to approve.

~ Josh

I’ve notice @F1nly you posted a duplicate application which is not allowed, you’re supposed to edit this one.

We’ll be processing your application through our new process as its still open with 1 approval on the old system from Josh. Please stand by.

Twas but a bit of an accident Mann, I didn’t know what to do with each one or which one to delete because each one has warp accepts/denies. I much prefer my new warp application.


Thank you for your patience. The warp has been officially approved. Please wait a few days for the warp to be installed by a senior staff member. Congratulations!