My warnings rather unjust, The modify post “href” doesn’t load properly on my browser. Im running windows 8, its just a solid image, i cant help but “triple post” you really should go with innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa. Id appreciate the warning being removed. Please be careful not to jump your guns in the future. Thanks

still there was no reason to triple post. even if it didnt show the image, you can still click on it to modify it.

correct me if im wrong.


He said it was a solid image, and you can’t click those. That wouldn’t work here, sword. Please read it thoroughly before responding.

sorry i just woke up and not thinking straight. solid image…hmm

Use a different browser. I have Windows 8 too, and I tested it, it works fine. I have used it in different instances as well, from the dev preview to the current iteration.

Tell me what you have done so that I can reproduce it.

… Coughcough…



I see, im using the inbuilt IE on the start menu, its quite an early version of the release, perhaps thats the issue.

-edit- fail buster’s still logged in :L

Internet explorer is the scourge of the internet browsing world

mozzarella? no way man.

Mozilla Firefox est meilleure que IE et Safari.


Mozilla Firefox is better than Internet Explorer and Safari

And Google Chrome is better than Mozilla

thank you zak.


And chrome all the way! I’ve been trying to convince the ICT department at my school to install chrome on all the computers. They said they would but there’s a security issue or someshit…

Firefox - Best for downloading, less memory usage, and PLUGINS FTW.
Chrome - Best for browsing, multible tabs, more stable, anti crash, FAST.

IMO, they’re both good but I usually use google chrome because it opens faster and lets me browse for long periods of time without worrying of crashes. But for downloading, I usually use firefox’s plugins like download managers and get speeds waay faster than chrome.

This conversation has gone way off topic. Is the original problem solved? If so, can we move these browser discussions to a new thread? It is an interesting topic, but it’s not helping the original poster.

I have made a new topic for rants.

Edit by kyle: We are sorry for the warning Red. Now we know it was not entirely your fault. Hopefully a different browser will help?