As most PCB players already know, there is currently a war on the server. Stupid-No good- North vs. Awesome-south.  This post is to keep u updated on this war.

(Just reply about major things that occur) :slight_smile:

Halcyon declares war on the CSA (South side)!

We kinda stopped the ‘war’ bit. Now it’s just like a kind of role-play with 2 countries who don’t like each other very much but still like peace.

Well said Ruby we need a line on this one so people know where they stand.

Yeah just to clarify, the north-south thing is not a war. It’s a “cold” war scenario.

Basically, the two sides are opposed but do not want to fight. So they compete by being more developed.

No fighting, no griefing, just good old building!

It’s really frustrating that Lego’s sunglasses on his skin aren’t symmetrical…


ooo can I join a side?

Is this the “War of Northern Aggression”?

South has been going on the offence quite a bit more in my point of view.

Going to make this a neutral announcement thread. FYI, any acts of war will result in the player being banished feom both sides


Why not have a big battle to settle things…

And lego, if you break the randomiser again I will tempban you.

Because this is cold war.

Also lego Halcyon isn’t really much of a threat to the CSA…

War! HUH! Good gods, y’all, what is it GOOD for! Absolutely MUFFIN!

whelp, youtube link is broken. here it is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=01-2pNCZiNk

This reminds me of the time Farcoast was attacked by terrorists.

There will be no wars on my watch <.< >.>

But Mewm!!!

Watches only show the time. Unless you have one of these fancy new smart watches. If that is the case, I have lost a significant amount of what little respect I had for you. :wink:

Actually, the hour hand and the minute hands on my watch are at war. I think the minute hand’s winning, so I’ll eventually know it’s quarter to something, but i won’t know what it’s quarter to to.