BREAKING NEWS: Tejada declares war on Farcoast January 13, 2013. Both sides have agreed for the war to begin on January 19, 2013 (Saturday). Farcoast requests all ally support to put an end to this war, and put Tejada back in it’s place. Please post if you choose to aid Farcoast in the war. Terms of the war: No Griefing (Includes TNT), No killing citizens in enemy cities that do not agree to the war (If you’re a citizen and don’t agree to war, please avoid the city until the war is over), Invading cities is allowed, No flying while near enemy cities or warping away from enemy cites, no teleporting to enemy players, and any loot from dead enemy players found is allowed to be kept. The minimum war time is 1 day. Invisibility potions are NOT allowed while in combat.

I’m with Farcoast!

Griefing isn’t allowed, right?

Also, I am neutral.

Correct charks

On January 19th, All FCA personnel are to kill-on-sight anyone affiliated with the Namillo Revolution seen within the Empire’s Territory (Farcoast itself, Sprucepine, Caprica, Riverside, Skyview, and Neo).
All Farcoastian Army Personnel may report to the Armory (Talk to either myself or Chaz_the_Spaz and meet at the Citadel above Farcoast) to receive equiptment if they possess none. Also, upon reporting for arms, FCA personnel will be placed on Active Duty (pay increase) from that moment up until the end of the war.
And if it wasn’t already obvious, we are accepting enlistments.

farcoast all the way may we put tejada in it’s place

I’ll offer my sheep army! all 3 of them!!! TO WAR MY FELLOW FARCOASTIANS


Ruby iz my sheep Commander. I’m am Sheep General


time to make some god leather armour in farcoastian colours!

and sheep. make sheep.

May I make a suggestion of having the war fought at a predetermined town? Preferably one that isn’t in the control of either side, a neutral zone. Both factions/towns/empires/etc can approach from either side of the town to begin attack. There will then be no rejoining the fight after death. What will you do about items dropped from killed players? Keep the items or return them?

Another option could be infinite respawns until one of the leaders dies. Whichever leader survives longest gains victory and gory for

On another note, I’m still acting as an Assassin type person, so am available for hire. I can attempt to provide intel and possibly supplies as well as my will to fight for a cause.

I am going to talk with the people of my town wich side they choose.

He he he… I shall watch over the battle and swoop down the secure victory for the rebels, no matter what the call themselves now they are still my babies.

im with Liam here. i owe no alleigance. Myself (as the last Hylian Knight) am up for hire.

My sheep army will surely protect either leader… I haven’t chosen a side yet and I’m open to offers.

As leader of the United Nations I caution both sides to maintain the treaties of the Geneva Convention. I also call upon the peacekeepers of the United Nations to patrol both sides to prevent further killing of innocent civilians.

Does inocent civilians include sheep?

whu, you are the only sheep where that may be an option

Ok but if any innocent sheeps are killed?