War with Bailey

Okay, I would like to declare war on a certain donator… Bailey. Nothing wrong with some friendly competition and it would be fun. If he’s willing (which I have a doubt of) we can negotiate what we can and can’t use (like TNT) but he cannot have direct support from the Union… Since that is all he would rely on to win.

I’m willing to use TNT. He needs a good fight. And I will attack his town (if I lose, I’ll rebuild whatever I destroyed) if this war is to occur.

I don’t think you need to make a post about a personal war :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saying, You harm mah house, Its not gonna be you and bailey anymore…

And then the war ended with bailey getting banned and TNT exploding everything. :smiley:
Don’t you people just love wars?

and why did bailey get banned it was a war wasn’t it?

now I wanna know what really happend O.o

Okay, Quick Summarization;

War Begins, I get on, I could care less about the war, as it is personal, but then i decided to tp to(bailey/mex).

When I did, I found that the WHOLE town had been tnt’d. Figuring that they would both clean it up with a liittle bit of a repercussion if they didnt, I told them both to clean it up, or they would would be banned, as the town didnt truly ‘belong’ to Bailey, but to the people that owned the houses… Anyways, Bailey just stops doing anything, and starts saying that it isnt his/her fault, and that he/she was waiting on the time of banning. I, and a couple other staff members are telling them to fix it and everything would be okay. Bailey says it isnt his fault, and isnt going to fix it.

The first post says that the loser will rebuild, however, the loser was never decided, as they would not respond to the question. We keep trying to convince bailey to rebuild. However, in the past 15 minutes, i had gotten pissed off in the lack of cooperation, and blatantly disobeying staff from Bailey, and banned him/her.

Now. With this said.

I am fine with PERSONAL wars, as long as they dont break OTHER peoples’ property, as this one did, without 1, consent from the property owners, and 2, the willingness to rebuild it back to its perfect condition.

Have both of them been banned or just bailey?

If bailey then either the other needs to be banned too or bailey needs to be unbanned. You can’t punish one person for the faults of 2…

EDIT: Unbanned bailey. All the damage seems to be repaired.

Ouhai, i rolled back the town. The reason that i banned bailey and not the other was because mex was willing to rebuild and began rebuildig instantly. As far as im concerned bailey can stay banned.

I have no regrets in this ban. If a player is as disobedient as bailey they dont deserve to be on the server.

Now, unban bailey if you wish, but he/she has been put on my ####-list

know what, let him appeal. I want to know why he wouldnt rebuild.

I re-banned bailey so that he would make a ban appeal and explain his actions.

Wasn’t on to see this but it sounds like bailey. He’s not a bad guy but he’s lazy and likes to get other people to do his work. Really wish all the wars would stop and we could instead have more official pvp events.

News flash bailey is a she he