War Plugin

This plugin gives ops/admins the ability to make warzones that players can warp do buy using /zone name. It doesnt use /warp, It has the ability for life pools player helmets and Some realy cool things like loadouts respawn points lobbys and Ect. A Warzone can hold warp points (portals) that let you go to warzones.
it is an Amazing plugin.

Its also Open source

If your unsure then watch this.
it shows it


Yea this would be amazing and bring back factions more peacefully, as in a game to win rather than taking others items.

Sip. You ment to hit YES not NO

Never hit no lol the poll wasn’t up at the time of my posting.

Due to lack of posts im moving this to a Open forum

Sounds nice

Id would be cool to hav a place where players could test their combat ref lexs and jus hav sim fun w/out causing craploads of hate like the factions

This is impressive and I like the idea. It is up to andy to see how compatible the mod is and if we want to include it. I’m not sure how much extra ram, if any, this would take.

I approve at least.

The cool thing is. You can greif the field. It al restores when ur done

O.k, this sounds plain amazing. I mean, wow. That’s all i have to say.