War in Steampunk

Kitten from Miningbenton has today declared war against steampunk. tonight at 7.30 GMT there will be war IN steampunk. people who want to Join steampunk come to steampunk and talk to one of the people there and ppl who join Miningbenton: Goodluck, You’ll need it!


Duchess Yomigaere

Kitten has surrenderd

war will not continue


Why does every war end as soon as it starts?

It is good. It prevents bloodshed and looting!

and sheep massacre

An organised war may be good… Hmm… begins plotting

Liam, perhaps we could go through with that plan we had back in 1.2… ;D

I forgot it.

XD how the hell did you forget it? meh. ill resend you everything inna bit in a PM

Correction:kitten3101 did not surrender.I ended the war because I got my diamond tools back.

War only brings hatred towards one another

A truce was agreed between Kitten and Yomigaere at 18:23pm GMT 25/02/2013 until Ka_52 comes on and explains the rules of war to both parties. No PVP is to take place between Miningbenton citizens and Steampunk citizens and all said alliances.

The UN needs to sit down and have a talk with both parties.

Uh, has no one noticed this…?

Kitten keeps enflaming the situation.

He surrenderd But now he want to war again with a BIg army

What are the rules of war on PCB?

Ka will explain. As he is in the UN.

19:36 tempers seem to be rising between both parties. Me and Busterlef are trying to calm the situation. Kitten is nearly ignoring the truce.

Rules are agreed on by both parties, the UN has nothing to do with making the terms of this war

The UN are the peace keepers that keep the server/war from going out of control.

Provided that the UN didn’t start the war. :smiley: