-WANTED- Bounty For Sacreddeathflame

I am offering a $500 bounty for sacred’s death. I would like a picture of proof if i am not there. He killed me in my own home. this task must be completed by friday.

Just gonna say he started the fight >.> And I did not tp to kill him.

is /kill allowed?


So dragon. Where’s my money?

I knew taking that assassination course by the homeless korean guy from down the street would come in handy one day.

u dirty cheater :b how is that even possible?

Fire a Bow and arrow straight up then get hit by it. :stuck_out_tongue: haha, well played Sacred. :smiley:

too bad dead people have no need for money :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed that is what I did.

So can I have my money then? :slight_smile:

ya sure lemme get on and send it

challenge accepted as long as im allowed to use anything to kill him

Are we allowed to kill him whenever we want?

The rewards been collected, therefore the bounty is gone, so you can stop posting on this thread and while I’m at it I will lock this thread.