Want to keep your enchanted items for 1.2?

Well, it seems that WE does not save enchant info. This means ALL enchanted items will have no enchants after the transfer. Horrible right?

Well, there is some hope. The next version of essentials has an /enchant command that will let me/others enchant an item manually.

What I need from you to ensure you keep those enchants is to either meet me in game, and have me write it down. Or better yet, to post a picture of your item with the enchants visible.

I WILL NOT be manually enchanting every item you have. Just think of my sanity and only ask me to enchant the most valuable of your enchanted items. I’m thinking a max of 6 items per person? Even that may be too generous.

If I am wrong, and enchants will transfer, then I will be saved a lot of pain.

Oh lawdy here we go :stuck_out_tongue:
7 people able to do this
4 (5-ish) active
that’s a LOT of work kyle

Like you said I don’t believe they do transfer, and fantastic idea by the way. Six seems a reasonable amount, and I think we need some verification of the enchantments like you said. I think all SOPs+ would be glad to give a hand to any that need it.

I know it’s a ton of work, but I can’t stand the idea of those that worked for lvl 50 items to be lost. You know just how long it takes to get those??? A little effort on my part is well worth the effort of so many others.

Perhaps we should make a rule that the item has to have at least 2 enchants and/or lvl 4 effects. This would mean lvl 25 items and up or so.

Meh, we should make that a rule if the workload on us is too high.

Honestly, the only thing I am concerned about is my Dim Pickaxe with Fortune II and my other with Unbreaking II

I smell sarcasm.

last 3 aren’t :I it is a lot of work, i just want my armour/pick/sword

i have one Diamond Chestplate with Protection I… i know its not much… but it would be appreciated

If you want, there is another way to prove enchanted items are yours. All you have to do is to place a chest in front of your pod, and lock it (with enchanted items in there). SOPs can open them and see what enchants you have. I will be writing down the info on paper.

Once one of us has copied the specs down, we can place a sign saying “check”, “done” or similar next to it.

Thanks Kyle for doing that for us! :smiley: But for many players, they just have a effiency 1 or sharpness 1 sword that can be easily replaced, but some like me and other devoted players we have things like protection 3 armor or sharpness 4 sword or efficiency 4 pics that are worth alot to us. I think the 6 items sounds better than the 4, or maybe trusted gets 4 and mods+ get 6. I’ll be happy with 4 and I agree that proof is needed for the enchant (like a screenshot)

ill be sure to do this later today

There is an issue with /enchant. it enchants it to the highest level.

Depends which one you use, I think there is a way to lower it.

Not that i have seen, there is only one variable allowed /enchant if you do anything after that it errors out for me.

implying not everyone on the server right now is devoted
implying everyone who is devoted has 2+

From what I read on essentials, it does have a way to set the lvl of the enchant. If it does not, we can always do the random re-inchant method. Pain in the ass though.

Like I said before, the limit of what we will save is dependent on how busy we are with this. I say 6 or so per person only as a guide. You may place more than 6 in your chest, and we may write them all down. I just don’t want to be swamped by hundreds of these things.

I have put a chest outside my pod but just in case I’ll post these screen shots.

Also 100th post WOOOOOOO!!! :smiley: