W1teN1te's Introduction


My name is Luke, but mostly I go by W1teN1te. I’m a resident of Michigan in the United States. I’m almost 20 years old and I speak English in addition to a little Spanish. I’m a computer networking major in college and am currently working towards a career in cybersecurity.

I’ve been playing Minecraft for a year or two. I stopped playing a while ago, but my friend MetaZealot introduced me to the server and I hope to get back into it! I’m a big fan of vanilla survival (I never got into FTB or any other mods) so that’s likely where I will be playing. I’m looking forward to the 1.7 apocalypse so I can get involved!

For your first day, you can move into my mansion that i have in /warp volterra to have a temp home at least, ask meta for directions. Welcome to PCB!

Welcome! And 1.7 won’t be here for about another month for us, so don’t worry. Hope you enjoy your stay. :smiley:


Same career field as me eh? Welcome to PCB!


Welcome! See you in tha game! XD

You should join my guild. Our main mission is to destroy Farcoast and take over the world. We also have cookies. Anyways, nice to meet you. I hope I dont see you on the wrong side.

Hi there and welcome to our server. We hope you have many years of enjoyment on it. Everyone is very friendly and all the staff helpful.

Good luck with that mate…

Also welcome :smiley: I rarely get on it seems :confused:

Hmm… your offer is tempting, good sir.

Helloooooo! Don’t overthrow farcoast, they are nice (Le Bias Note: I am the Valandian ambassador to farcoast so…)


Welcome to PCB!

Farcoast is nice, but so is Nam. :smiley:
I’m unbiased. I go with assassin type stuff, I work for whoever I feel like.

Oh? Might I join this clan with a great ambition… and cookies, at that?

I would like to point out amongst all this needless ambition for destroying good things on the server that Farcoast IV will be hiring for the Farcoastian Supply Corporation, and that the Farcoastian Army will also be re-activated and will work to make Farcoast the best it can be, and a place where anyone can prosper.

To aggressors against the Farcoastian State, it is you who are on the wrong side.

And for the sake of on-topicness, welcome to the server buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah! Gaulish propaganda. Oh yeah, and welcome to the server! :smiley: