WOOHOO MY 500th POST ON PCB! ;D ;D I feel accomplished :stuck_out_tongue:

Kewl story bro

why are you posting about this… its not even a major achievement…

lol you fail

My… oh wait… my account got deleted… <.<

EDIT: Nevermind, kyle added my number of posts manually. Well, up to 1000 anyway.

And thus the childish tendency to notify people of one’s post count was continued.

fuck you

and you

I think its great that ive been here long enough to make 500, to me its an acheivment

cough 1052 cough more than double you cough

youve been here longer :’(

the post should be deleted and your ip blocked.
and rub mah feet while your at it

C’mon guys be nice. Anyway epic. (not really tho)

nick learn to take a joke geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz

that wasnt a joke, that was you just being plain rude :’(

it was a joke homieswag

what the fuck is homieswag

I don’t know, all i know is i’m have fewer posts then some new members :wink:

it says your a guest again wtf

That was a new account he made. I deleted it and restored his actual one this morning

ok coolio :stuck_out_tongue: