[VOTE] Server Rules / Policies

The great restructuring of PCB (SMP) is upon us! Now is the time for community members to cast their votes and opinions on matters which will shape the gameplay of the server.


[size=16pt]Server Rules
In-game server policies and guidelines (for both guests and OPs)


Up until this point, our server rule enforcement has been pretty lenient either due to situations falling into grey areas or appropriate policies simply do not exist.

The current rules standing are:

  1. No boats and TNT
  2. No griefing
  3. No harassing players (verbally or through PvP)
  4. No D/Cing and TPing to avoid PvP
  5. Build out of sight from spawn
  6. No item stealing

Although this covers most of the issues that arise, particular areas that need addressing are:

  1. Stance on hacks (eg. flying)
  2. Exploits (commands / glitches)
  3. Do we allow lava buckets and flint and steel since fire spread is disabled?
  4. How do we see fit that guests rank up to Trusted and higher ranks
  5. Use of /time (ie. whether we permit OPs to continually force permanent day)
  6. Item hacking… this theory seems to be constantly brought to my attention
  7. How much damage is considered griefing and what specifically is a bannable offense


Please post your opinion on the matter and feel free to add any suggestions or critisism.

in regards to /time, i think if theres being a big project such as a new village being started off, then it can be allowed. But if its just because people are going
then no.

The rules at the moment all seem fine though.

Also, maybe only ops+ should be able to fly?

I agree with liam on the /time thing. For griefing, as has previously been said, as long as they repair the damage, that’s fine and can be counted as exploring.

This is a bit of a complicated issue.

  1. Stance on hacks (eg. flying)
    I see no reason to deny this hack. Many players will do it anyway and/or will lie about its use. As long as they behave and don’t PVP with it, fine. I’m not sure if this would be survival for them then. How about we find a way to disable it at night and underground. That would be great if we could do that.

  2. Exploits (commands / glitches)
    I’m not sure if I know what this counts as. If it ruins game play, then we should try to stop it.

  3. Do we allow lava buckets and flint and steel since fire spread is disabled?
    This should be temporarily disabled!! At least till we get protection back.

  4. How do we see fit that guests rank up to Trusted and higher ranks
    This is a bit tough. I say the forum is one of the best places to ask us for rank up. But even if they don’t visit, they can rank up with permission from 2 or more OPs. I think our current system for OP should remain. Only those that apply officially can get OP.

  5. Use of /time (ie. whether we permit OPs to continually force permanent day)
    I will admit, I am guilty of this… I agree we should not change it unless it is for a project.

  6. Item hacking…
    I am not sure this is even possible. I believe that people with cheated items are finding them from hidden storage locations. I have not seen any method of hacking items in.

  7. How much damage is considered griefing and what specifically is a bannable offense
    Hmm, traces of random damage is bannable such as single blocks missing over a wide area. If I find a broken doorway, that was them exploring, not griefing. While I am upset, I know I might have done the same. A least fix what you broke! If I see their name again for the same thing… then a ban has been earned.

Harassment is bannable. This is mostly verbal, but can be physical too. Do we have a temp ban command? This issue has way too many factors to describe easily.

Note: The in game inventory editor that i tested for andy was the TooManyItems Mod.
In singleplayer it imports items directly into your invntory, but in smp it is basically a shortcut to the give command ( you click cobblestone in the editor for example, and it uses /give liam599 4).

Doesnt work in smp. AND dont touch my fly mods.

thats what i was saying. i tested it a while ago for andy, and it didnt work. was just letting you know which one it was, as i dont know if there are any others.

  1. I personally have a distaste for most hacks/mods. I don’t mind stuff like a minimap but I detest flying because it’s not true survival and can VERY easily be abused. Regardless, I won’t make a big deal out of it if you’re okay with it.

  2. Not sure what discussion there is to be about exploits. Depends on the exploit itself. Good or bad.

  3. If fire spread is disabled, I don’t see why not.

  4. Encourage more use of the Forums and have more discussions with other Staff members regarding promotions.

  5. Enforce this much more because I’m tired of people complaining about night and then an Op goes and forces it to be day. They complain in the first place because other Op’s have been constantly keeping it at Day. The only time I force it to be day is when I’m trying to fix a griefed area and don’t feel like having 20 creepers making my job harder.

  6. Not my area of expertise but I do think we need a discussion.

  7. People who lack the common sense to repair or replace whatever they break. Aka, breaking a fence in the forest and not even bothering to put the fence back. If they get banned for it then they can go make a Ban Appeal and explain their reasoning for doing it. I will ban anyone if they break so much as 1 block in the Arena and don’t even fix it. I will, of course, talk to the person about it if they’re still online.

  1. Sure, flying is really helpful in terms of building huge projects and such, but ruins the fact that this server is Survival.

  2. It’s more likely that glitches WILL occur, for example, duplication of items in a chest by means of lag. It’s gonna be tough to stop, so it’s likely that we’ll just wait for Notch or mod programmers to fix the glitches.

  3. I say No for this one. Fires, even if not spreading, causes lag in the server.

  4. I’d say that guests are required to sign up in the forums, and POST here so that they’ll be recognized by ALL Operators and thus, being able to know them and trust them and etc.

  5. I always turn time to day, basically because of building. Though this ruins some of night’s dangers, such as mob hunting, so I’d say that only in appropriate conditions that we should use /time. If we do, we set the time BACK to its original position.

  6. Item Hacking is kinda hard to realize. If you include bugging items for it, then perhaps it is bad. As my opinion in 2., only mod programmers or Notch can do this. If suspected to gain items which are not ordinarily gained in huge quantities, perhaps ‘confiscate’ or ask the one who got them?

  7. I don’t think we should ALWAYS ban players if they grief. Well sure it’s a bad thing to do but in my own experience Griefing COULD be fun. Perhaps put them to ‘community service’ and guard them so they gather their own materials, and fix what they have done. If severe grief was found, or the player is offline, or repetitions of grief, I’d say Ban.

Ima suggest a new rule :
8. Disallowing players to PvP when either one doesn’t intend to.

Basically, this means that players who are building innocently in the server should not be disturbed by other players who intend to kill them. Although this has downsides, such as this removes the fact that this is survival, but it kinda ruins the motivation of those people to build anymore because they’re always in danger.

Please note that I have also now implemented a plugin to issue warnings to members which freezes the culprit (if they’re online) until they acknowledge the warning via commands. Perhaps this is the more suitable way of dealing with people who are in the “borderline” classification of griefers

I agree with everything Kedji wrote. Especially his suggestion for rule 8.

Yeah, Kedji got it all right.

BTW, loving the sigs guys xD

I’ve been wanting PvP turned off and turned into /duel for ages but Andy insists he wants PvP to remain like this.

Either way, PvP seems to be broken on the server (or at least until I fix the settings somehow). I am open again to discussion on PvP, but I would like to see it enabled in at least some form.

Edited: Herp, didn’t see your PvP poll. Will be posting it there.

May I ask something about Exploits.

Is changing the pumpkinblur for use as a nightvision is allowed? It’s somewhat an exploit to change it… I’m using it to see through night. If not allowed, I’ll revert it back.

As long as it has no malicious intent or use (eg. inventory hacks… if they exist) then I don’t see any problem with it.