[VOTE] Rankings

The great restructuring of PCB (SMP) is upon us! Now is the time for community members to cast their votes and opinions on matters which will shape the gameplay of the server.


[size=16pt]User Rankings
Attainable ranks by community members


At the moment, the only two (standard) ranks are Guest and Trusted. A great suggestion from Kedji was to add a rank which instantly grants a user a rank above guest for simply signing up on the forums. I personally think this is a great idea and would like to hear opinion on this - specifically whether this is feasible and what added abilities would they get.

As for additional ranks, I’d like to hear opinion on another rank above Trusted - as a motivation to keep returning to the server similar to our previous structure (Guest > Builder > Adv Builder).

tldr: things which need addressing:

  1. Whether to introduce a rank above Guest which is attained by signing up on the site.
  2. Whether to introduce a second rank similar to our previous structure (Builder > Adv Builder)
  3. What each rank has the ability to do in terms of commands


Please post your opinion on the matter and feel free to add any suggestions or critisism.

Maybe have the signing up rank people be able to tp and the above trusted rank have death chests?

All I will say on this right now, is that I like the idea for signing up but am unsure as to what the benefits are and I definitely think more ranks are a good idea. Sorting them out is an issue I don’t have time for right now.

Yeah, I guess we could do that, until somebody with a good imagination could think of different names for them.

Will provide my input on this later tonight when my mind is more active and not retarded.

My Ideas for Ranks (Stealing a bit from WoW)

Senior Operator
Junior Operator


Guest (White)
Warned/Probation (Grey)
Banned (Black)

Im not sure about permissions for each rank yet. Just tryin to get my idea out there. Also, I like color coordination :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic! But I don’t like the member names, they sound too fancy :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like Senior Op more than Super Op.

Fuck it, I’m a Senior Op from now on.

Senior Operator
Server Operator

Trusted (Black)
Member (Gray)
Guest (White)

By the way, can you link Forum post count to the new rank? Say, like, you have to sign up for the forums AND have at least 25 contributing posts. Spam posts won’t count and anyone spamming, going off-topic or making pointless posts like “lol” or emoticon faces will be infracted.

As for permissions from Guest to Member, I really don’t have a clue. Bring it up with me when you’re online.

Some rough ideas for rank abilities:

Standard guest commands (ie. spawn, rules, motd, etc)

/home and /sethome
/lwc (lock protection)


I agree with this one.
For ranks, we need to first choose what rankings will we have. The rank suggestion above was really good, and I also approve of that one.

I disagree with NekTM’s 25 post rule. It forces the guests to post as many as possible, and making them ‘spam’. Perhaps a simple 10 post could be good enough?

Hey valociraptor here can I become a member