The great restructuring of PCB (SMP) is upon us! Now is the time for community members to cast their votes and opinions on matters which will shape the gameplay of the server.


In-server Player-vs-Player settings


PvP has been discussed numerous times, but there appears to be a number of different opinions on the matter. Therefore this thread is an effort to consolidate this and (hopefully) allow us to agree on a setting.

At the moment, PvP is enabled throughout the entire server asides from Spawn and Sandy Point (ie. official towns). There are a number of different ways of going about this:

  1. Keep it as it is

  2. Keep it as it is but reintroduce Parties - to eliminate PvP when in a group of friends

  3. The user must opt-in to PvP via commands: ie. the user can only be attacked if they and the attacker both have PvP on individually.

  4. Remove PvP completely

As far as I know, it is not possible to have PvP off and only available in the arena. Some people consider PvP to be griefing, others see it as an essential part of survival.


Please post your opinion on the matter and feel free to add any suggestions or critisism.

If such a thing as /duel, or /pvp does exist, I’d go for that one. If not, then I suggest we’ll let it stay as it is.

Was gonna carry my post over from the other thread but every concern was answered with the options.

Well here’s 2 things that I believe can work.

  1. A /duel [player] or /pvp [player] command. You didn’t list it so that concerns me that there isn’t a plugin for it. But I would much prefer this idea.
  2. If you can’t do my first choice, then I want to make a suggestion for an existing choice. Opting-in for PvP. I would pick this option but ONLY if it’s announced to the server when someone turns PvP on/off. That way we know if they try to cheat in or out of PvP.
    NekTM: /pvp on
    NekTM is now part of PvP!
    NekTM: /pvp off
    NekTM has left PvP!
    It would also help if the announcement for it was a nice bright color that catches the eye so that no one can miss it.

I don’t mind PVP but when your mining with a friend sometimes they can hit you or when you get somebody join the server that just wanders about killing people

Other than that, I really don’t mind. I would like a PVP command then I can keep it off until I wish to turn it on.


For future plugin reference:

/pvp opt-in command

Whichever choice is made based on this discussion. I just wanted to add that being able to accidentally hurt others should remain a part of SMP. The main problem is when someone is killing and stealing from them. Dying is not so bad, but when all your hard earned stuff is gone… Ouch.

I had an idea that may or may not work here. It is an idea from TF2.
Whenever someone is killed by a player, they get a message asking if they forgive the person that killed them. If they do not, the other person is killed as well. I can see this being rather funny because both parties will be running to get to the pile of items left behind.

Well that, or a three strike system which will ban (or just jail) that user. All they have to do to avoid the ban is to not kill for a set time. Say a day or however often we clear the record of their offenses.

Sound fun? or possible?

My last idea was to keep the system as it is, but make rules about item theft and many killings.

When the combination of someone raiding your chest, PvP isn’t enabled, and no Moderators are on occurs… well, that’s just no fun.

Thus why players should always protect their chests.

When I first logged in, chest protection didn’t work!