Vote Oath

Hello there,

Just a quick post asking you guys to vote for my friends band Bleeding Oath, they are a progressive metal band are are currently unsgined. In 2011 they won terrorizer magazine’s unsigned band of the year (a big achievement)

So if you could just click the link below and vote 5 stars, it literally takes 5 seconds. I will be very grateful.
You can also vote daily.

Facebook page:

Thanks, and VOTE OATH.

[move]I MYSELF HAVE VOTED… 5 STARS ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D[move][/move][/move]

I voted 5 stars, but I was a little dishonest. I actually like music like this, but the flaw I saw was the singing.
I really like it when I can understand what they are saying. Even better if the music tells a story or experience. Bands I know that do this are Symphony X, Adventasia, Dream Theater, and Ayreon.

Also, for a stage band, a little more presentation would go a long way. What I mean is when a member has a free moment, they can do something other than just stand there and wait.

Now, I’m no master critic, so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

I voted 5 stars 'cause I can.

*pinch of salt.

You can vote every day if you can it takes literally 5 seconds. Thanks guys.

I don’t like your band, i voted

[move] 3 for :’( :frowning: ( :-\ ) :slight_smile: :D[/move]

Thanks for voting. The votes reset in 45 minutes they are almost 1st come on! VOTE OATH

Awesome band! Except the screaming… *Instantmetalturnoff Votes reset every night at 11pm GMT vote again they are nearly winning. :smiley:

Only behind by 20 or so votes :D:D

Btw I will continue to vote :smiley: