Vote for the best town of September!

It was asmo’s idea here you go.

locking the polls on September 21st


you said “hey i should do a poll”

and i was like “k”

that makes it your idea

Just wanted to mention that half the earth has winter when you people have summer, so using seasons for the dates might not be wise :slight_smile:

Leave it to a western guy like me to do that :smiley:

I’ll fix it in a couple hours

Wait already? we olny had a couple of months to build and stuff i think it should be pushed farther unto the year.

Just to let everyone know, you can vote for 2 cities. Maybe vote for our own city if you have one and then another city you like.

It’s already fall here :confused:

Ok, changed to September 2017. Next poll like this will probably be the new year.

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