Vos prone to grief?

is it just me or have there been a lot of grief in vos? I was just looking at the ban list (Don’t ask y i was just bored) and i noticed there are SO MANY bans for “Grief in vos”. But y vos? Its a beautiful city! (That’s probs y its griefed lol) I just posted this cuz i was bored and wanted to get this out there. Also wanted to know if im crazy up in the head.

Most likely because the owner of vos was banned. I believe agx is supposed to take over ownership of the town.

It also seems that its proximity to the spawn point means people can access it quickly.

Yeah, actually, when you warp to /lobby and go to the button warp area, the only city that has an a active button warp is Vos. So, that’s why.

i made that warppoint on purpose so that griefers would First go to my town where grief is obvious seen and caught. And back then i checked it daily myself. It was to Stop the global grief and focus as much at one point

actually my town and madants town have warps at the spawn

Am I…??? This is news to me. I havent been told anything about owning vos

I Said It in my ban appeal

I don’t see why you had to make a topic on it?

Everyone knows that there is grief in Vos alot because it is one of the few towns with a button warp at spawn, along with Anth’s and Madant’s towns. Mirador also gets alot of grief. Staff deal with it, people get banned and ta-da game over. Also, griefers don’t go: “Oh look a beautiful town, lets grief/not grief it!” They don’t care! Thats why they end up banned. Personally i don’t see why you made this topic, staff deal with griefers and thats that. No need to make a big show saying one of the towns on our map gets griefed! Its not exactly the best advertisement for our server.

I agree with ya Josh but go a little easier on the guy he had a dumb question we all do. Maybe next time lego pm me or staff instead if you have a question similar to this ok? Anyways have a good day.

Apparently i didn’t lol

I do often find grief at Vos and when I do I fix is and ban the people …The other day there were loads and loads of pigs all over the roofs and in the houses etc took ages to remove them but I got plenty of food now from them.
I often check Vos as one of my houses is there.