[size=14pt]Erm… this probably sounds a bit weird but i noticed this town (Volterra) is sort of abandoned and as far as i can see no-one seems to live there, now, i would like to buy it and i cannot find any rules regarding buying/claiming un-used, un-active and “shut down” towns. As i say earlier, i would like to purchase it and am not sure who to contact (if anyone still owns it) and i am also unsure how i go about claiming it if no-one owns it. Obviously if it is still active and i am wrong then i am sorry and you can ignore this post but if anyone can help me then i would be very happy :smiley:

Ka owns it to my knowledge.

Okay so Ka owns it, does any1 know if it is still active?

I do believe it to be moderately active. Ka will respond in a few hours.

okey dokey ;D

I’ll sell it if you are truly interested - for $6000

thats a great idea

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