Minecraft Username: vmk89

Date of Ban: Don’t know the date, but I believe it was summer 2012.

Banned by: Do not know.

Reason for Ban: Long time since I’ve seen it but it was something like “Griefing Narfnin’s Village.”
EDIT: Misunderstood this question, I thought it was asking what the exact ban message was. Let me explain better.
In 2012, PCB was my first SMP game and I did not have a handle on what griefing was. I was playing with Narfnin, my longtime friend IRL, and I was in his village. I wanted to prank him by putting blocks in every space inside his house. I was not trying to cause any harm, but to get back at him for a small prank he had done to me.
We immediately made peace afterwards IRL, but I never actually appealed the ban, as I went back to single player for a while, and got interested in non-Minecraft things after that.

Reason to be Unbanned: In the time between this ban and now, I have learned a lot more about the social aspect of Minecraft. Because of this ban, I learned where the line between griefing and pranking is.
6 years have passed and since then, I’ve played on many multiplayer servers and I am friendly to everyone I meet. I am definitely a more knowledgable Minecraft player now.
I just wanted to come back to this server where my good friend Lord Kirov is playing, and I plan to be as kind of a player as I can be.

Previous appeals: No

Seeing as though quite some time has passed. I think we can safety assume you have matured. If not you will probably find yourself quickly re-banned.


Locked, as Manning forgot to