Vizualswami's ban appeal

Minecraft Username: vizualswami


Date of Ban: cant remember; horrible memory
Banned by: (cant remember; absolutely horrible memory

Reason for Ban: Innapropriate chat topics, staff disrespect, general asshattery, innapropriate behavior towards members.

Reason to be Unbanned: reason I should be unbanned is because I realized why I was banned. at first I thought it was ridiculous to ban me and I thought whoever banned me was just being sensitive. but then weeks go by I do a lil self reflection as a whole human being who I am and how I am around people, and i realize i like forcing the atmosphere of the server into an anarchic chaos and it came to the point where I disregarded what OPS had to say about me which i now realize that i was banned. but i miss everyone n wanna come back ^.^^^^

Previous appeals: no ban appeals at all

Once you have posted your appeal, please do not edit the original appeal. If you need to make any changes or address any responses from a staff member, do so as a reply to the thread.

You were banned by @SCP_1424 on 24 January 2018.

Considering the number and severity of offences on the server AND Discord, I would not be willing to unban you. You’ve said some pretty awful and downright stupid things that could harm people, and you’ve never seemed to listen to staff warns and disregarded what we’ve said as a joke, often.

“Oh shit someone banned me lmfao”

Even if you are unbanned, you would be on VERY thin ice in my eyes.

Other staff opinions?

If unbanned knowing what happened I would revoke Donator status for at least 6 months and no consideration for Trusted at least for the whole year

We’ve seen examples of this in the past, and I would support it. Its not like he did something malicious to harm the server, used any hack or client, or griefed. I support an unban with a 6 month member period before donator is reinstated, and after donator has been reinstated a 6 month period where he cannot be nominated for trusted, after those two six month periods all restrictions should be lifted.

My opinion on the matter is that any unban at this point should come with a probationary period where any further infractions would constitute a permanent ban. This ban was preceded by a pattern many small infractions, and we should ensure that it does not repeat itself. For example; the inappropriate behavior on discord on numerous occasions, as well as instances on the minecraft server that I heard of through other staff members.

Staff refer to this thread:

Senior staff have discussed this case and have decided that due to the extremely serious nature of some of your actions, you will not be unbanned. Your ban is permanent and will not be overturned. This decision is final.


I’m going to go ahead and forum ban you, as well as ban you from our Discord server.